Virgo Behaviour and Personality Traits

Of all the twelve signs, you will find these Virgo guys the busiest. And here’s the funny part – it’s not that they take up the most responsibility or the toughest job, or that they are so polite that they do all their coworkers’ work. It’s just that they end up the most swamped – might be because they are not that well-organized, or for some other reason, but they just can’t seem to be getting enough time.

Another very important characteristic, probably their most prominent, is their desire to serve people. They can literally become slaves for the ones they love; pleasing them is all they wish to do! In doing so, they can get tricked or let down once in a while, but they do make very good friends.

Virgoans are very versatile and have a great number of talents, but most remarkable of them is their excellent judging and critical capability. They can size up things, form an opinion, and express it in a very diplomatic and constructive way. This is what makes them such good critiques, teachers and diplomats. But they do this with a very honest humility, and just the way they are critical about everything, so also they are critical and judgmental about their own ability and talent. And this is horrible for their future prospects. Their friends should be there to support and encourage them at such moments; after all, that’s what friends are for, aren’t they?

And this attitude is not that great for their relationships either. This tendency continues into the married life even with all the devotion and love and care. They start getting judgmental about the partner’s habits and attitude, and at some point, either the partner gets irritated because of the constant nagging and pointing out, or the Virgo gets irritated with the partner’s habits which is, of course, magnified by his/her critical way of thinking.

This brings out another trait in the Virgos – they seem to worry a lot. So they surely are tender and talented, but they need to mend a thing or two if they wish to make the best of their life and love.