Libra Behaviour and Personality Traits

Librans are known most for their laziness. But there is really a lot more to it than meets the eye. Librans actually know how to cool down, and how to relax and just let things go. That’s why, even when they hustle, they seem to have a lot of time for petty things like dressing up and making coffee. They even have time to just lie around and take a time out, with all the work of the world piled up, much to the chagrin of friends. If you look through their eyes, you’d feel people are too impatient to take pleasure in the small things in life.

As you might expect from people with such a bend, Librans are very romantic. They always long for a long-lasting, committing, all-in kind of relationship. And as long as they don’t have it, they will always feel like something is missing within them. So they are definitely marriage material, but this comes with a glitch. Their inherent need for intimacy makes them rush into relationships without even taking the situation into account – in some cases, they are so young that they don’t even understand what a relationship means.

Libran children tend to be good students. They eventually become their teachers’ pet because of their charming and well-mannered demeanor. But as I have already said, they tend to feel incomplete with maturity. This feeling is removed only when they get into a relationship. Librans have an extremely soft and sacrificing nature. This is good in the sense that if the Libran has to give up a better job opportunity for the family, he/she can do so quite easily. But the negative side is that he/she tends to avoid or escape from situations where one needs to be tough. This is the reason why at some point the Libran starts to feel that he/she is being played by his/her kids.