Capricorn Behaviour and Personality Traits

There is a divide right in the middle where personality is concerned, in case of Capricorn. There is the never-give-up always fighting, always moving, always gaining altitude kind of person and there is also the confined person with self-imposed restrictions, who likes to stay at one place and work for what he values the most. But these two kinds of personalities have some common traits, the most notable of them being that of complaining and grumbling.

Capricorn brings about a trait of not being contented with prevelant conditions, which is good in a way because it spurs people to do something about it, but it also brings about this other not so congenial and understanding side. Capricorns are very committed to their cause and are really good at getting what they want. There is a negative side to this too – they become successful and privileged and find that there are not a lot many people up there and it is not really possible to be friends with people who are not there – so they feel quite lonely. They are really good at coping up with this, but now this not something that can be completely taken out of the system, is it?

Capricorns are people who seem to be a little formal, a little out of place with their fun-loving background, but that is because they actually like to have the right thing in the right place. They like to climb the social and professional ladders and are not left behind in trying to impress their superiors and even loved ones. They have a different kind of sense of humor which is rather refreshing in a gathering or party.

In matters of love, even though they might seem a little too suited-up and unromantic, they make very good partners and very faithful spouses. The problem with them is that they might be a little too strict and formal even with their children. They might never wanna deviate from the formal methods, and expose their hard self a little too often. So, accordingly, the children might learn not to take them seriously, and this might be a serious cause of heartache for them. There is no doubt a lot of satisfaction to be had from professional and domestic spheres for them, but things can get a lot better if they learn to take things easy, and deviate from the norms.